Crafar: 'CRT is the future'

Former GP500 winner speaks out about the controversial new class

FORMER GP500 winner, Simon Crafar, has spoken out about CRT, backing it as the future of GP racing.

The new class has been a controversial talking point with everyone, from paddock insiders, to racing fans the world over. The CRT class shares a similar DNA to the popular Moto2 class. In CRT, the new machines are created using a prototype chassis and production-based engines, keeping costs down but ultimately resulting in bikes that aren't as quick as the current crop of 1000cc MotoGP machines.

In an interview with Visordown, Crafar said: "Some people don’t like CRT, but it is the future.  MotoGP is out of control cost wise. I'm not against development of machinery, I'm against only a small group of guys having the access to this wonderful machinery.

"Yes, this year it's going to be two different classes in the same race. The fastest MotoGP bikes we have ever seen, and then the new developing and lower spec CRT bikes.

"It's going to take a couple of years to sort the class out, like Moto2 did. I see it like if you're building a new house out of the old one while living in it, the new house will look crap until it's finished. CRT is the same, but when its is finished we're likely to have 30 bikes on the grid ready to scrap it out, more people will be able to ride them. Don’t make the mistake of thinking CRT bikes will be slow. Just give them 12-24 months to sort themselves out."

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