Check out Jeremy Seewer's HUGE Trentino MXGP triple from his GoPro helmet-cam

Jeremy Seewer went big at the weekend in Trentino, and thankfully GoPro had a camera stuck to his helmet so we can see it from the Swiss' perspective.

Jeremy Seewer's Trentino triple from his GoPro perspective.

GoPro have released the footage from Jeremy Seewer’s helmet camera from the Grand Prix of Trentino, showcasing that triple. 

Seewer found the distance for the uphill triple out of the bottom corner after the pits in practice on Saturday, but was the only one doing it in the Sunday races. 

As the GoPro footage shows, it was not a straightforward jump: Seewer cased it quite hard on the second lap of the second race, but in any case he kept on hitting it throughout the moto.

One of the most impressive moments of the race from Seewer actually resulted from a crash. He went down in the downhill right-hander just before the finish, and lost a position to Brian Bogers. Bogers then crashed in the first turn after the finish about 15 seconds later, allowing Seewer back into second place, and about 15 seconds after that the #91 was clearing the triple again. It was akin to a Marc Marquez FP4 crash followed by him touching his elbow three corners later, and continuing to do eight laps without pitting. 

Later in the second race, the triple became a bit of a defensive weapon for Seewer, as it helped him create some distance between himself and the likes of Maxime Renaux and Jorge Prado behind. Eventually, though, Renaux was able to break Seewer’s defence and take second in the race, to finish second overall ahead of Jorge Prado. 

After the Grand Prix of Trentino, Seewer said, “It’s definitely a lot tougher to come back from the crash in Argentina than I first expected.” 

He continued, “I just raced in Portugal to do damage limitation on the championship and take points and that worked well. This weekend, I tried to find my focus back, because before the crash, I was always there inside the top-three, and now I need to find that confidence again. It’s a tough way back, but I think I made the best out of it this week. I just missed the podium, which is fine, I am still on my way back, and now luckily, we have two weeks off to work towards 100% again.”

On his podium, Maxime Renaux commented, “I am really really happy with this weekend and this podium. I would say it’s the best podium I’ve had this season because after Portugal, I had a few questions. So, to bounce back here, on a track that is not easy to ride on a 450 was really good.”

Overall, it was a positive weekend for Yamaha, who also led most of the first race with Glenn Coldenhoff, although the Dutchman’s speed was compromised by a pair of crashes and a bike issue in race two. 

About his weekend in Trentino, Coldenhoff said, “I felt good right from the start of this weekend, always good with the lap times. Qualifying was really good, and then today [I] pulled my first holeshot of the year and led for about 20 minutes in front of Tim Gajser. That was good and [I] finished second after a really good moto. The second moto, my start was a little bit [worse] and I crashed in the first turn. I was in a hurry to get back and then crashed again, and I also had a small technical issue.”