Checa ‘completely against’ the IOM TT

One of Spain's greatest superbike riders speaks out on road racing

SPANISH World Superbike rider Carlos Checa has voiced negative opinions regarding the Isle of Man TT which has now been running for over 100 years.

The 37¾ mile mountain course is the oldest motorcycle racing circuit still in use. Although there are over 200 bends for riders to negotiate on closed public roads, laps of just over 131mph have been achieved on a superbike.

Checa spoke to a Crash.net and said  “I’m completely against that race.”

“For a thrill I can go at 185 mph without a helmet if I want but it's not a good idea, the TT is the same thing.”

 People from all around the world visit the Island during TT fortnight just to witness – what some people would say – the greatest road race in the World.

“We know there's danger in racing and we've been fighting for rider safety for a long time so that doesn't seem like a good idea. Taking part in a sport is one thing, but being stupid or reckless is another. Mind you I'm not saying that the riders who take part are stupid, it's just those circumstances. The world has grown up in many areas and safety is one of them,” said Checa.

Some people do disagree with the road race which tests man and machine, however the popularity has seen to be increasing with almost 40,000 visitors attending the 2013 TT races, approximately 10,000 more than 2010.

The 40-year-old continued: “I think that some of the scenes we get from that race such as motorcycles jumping in the street don't give a good image for motorcycle racing. I would ask the people who organise that race if they would be happy if their son were taking part.”

Back in 2011, Ben cope wrote an article comparing the Isle of Man TT to Everest. Click the link to read it.