Baldassare Monti killed in road accident

Former WSB star, 47, dies in road accident

Baldassare Monti - former WSB contender

FORMER FACTORY WSB Honda and Ducati rider Baldassare Monti, who raced in the series from 1989 to 1993, was killed at the weekend while riding his scooter after a car pulled out on him.

Monti, 47, succumbed to his injuries after the accident near Parma, Italy.

The former team-mate to Raymond Roche and Fred Merkel and 1988 Italian Production Champion was returning home on a scooter to Sorbolo Levante, when a driver turned out in front of him and he was killed.

Baldassare was a factory Honda and Ducati rider in World Superbike and in the early ‘90s was team-mate to world champions Fred Merkel and Raymond Roche.