Amputee marine to go racing

Inspirational former marine to race a ZX-10R despite having amputated leg

A FORMER marine whose leg was amputated in a motorcycle accident has decided to challenge himself by going racing this year.

Mark Fincham, 31 from King’s Lynn, Norfolk had part of his leg removed after a car took a U-turn in front of him, breaking his back, pelvis, leg and ankle whilst on shore leave in March 2007.

Initially Doctors decided not to amputate Mark’s damaged foot and he went to a military rehabilitation unit to recuperate. However, Mark realized that his leg would never function the same as before and after having his ankle fused he was held back with repeated breaks from running, he told the doctor to remove it.

After undergoing three operations in October 2009, part of Mark’s leg was amputated and he was fitted with a prosthetic limb; within weeks he was walking and three months later he was running.

However, after the road accident and before he was even able to walk Mark had already bought a new bike. Whilst on sick leave after the accident Mark started riding on trackdays, admitting that the inspiriation to start racing began here: “I started to get a bit frustrated on the track days because I didn’t have anyone to chase. Even the racers in the fast group couldn’t go as fast as I could.”

Therefore upon leaving the Marines in 2011 after 10 years, Mark decided to commit to his racing ambitions. His first competitive race will be in the Bemsee series, riding in the rookie class on a Kawasaki ZX-10R with an adapted gear shift and support from motorcycle insurer Bikesure.

Commenting on his upcoming 10 race season, Mark said: “I can’t wait: I’m a bit nervous of embarrassing myself but I’m going all out to win.”

He added: “I don’t let myself feel scared because then you couldn’t get on the bike. My attitude is the same as the one I have for life – just get on with things and get them done.”

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