Taylor Mackenzie wins the internet… at his brother Tarran’s expense

Tarran Mackenzie suffered a 'whoopsie' at Brands Hatch... so it's up to his brother Taylor Mackenzie to take the piss out of him for it to 30,000 Twitter followers

Taylor Mackenzie Tarran Mackenzie

Poor Tarran Mackenzie.

Not only did he endure a tough end to the 2019 British Superbike Championship season, but it concluded with him suffering a rather embarrassing – and spectacular - accident during qualifying at Brands Hatch.

If you haven’t seen it – scroll down – but Tarran lost the McAMS Yamaha on a quick lap during the first qualifying phase at Brands Hatch, sending his machine up and over the barriers at Stirling.

It landed so far into the trees that no recovery vehicles could get to it to bring it back. It meant a number of foolhardy marshals were sent to firstly find it and then to carry it back so it could be collected.

More than that, Tarran didn’t come out of it well under the spotlight of national television, but we won’t spoil what happened because his dear old brother Taylor, who was racing the Tyco BMW in the same session, has lovingly turned him into a meme - behold…

Here is the full, unedited non-Spaghetti Western version…

Tarran was fine – both after the crash and his own little accident – though it did take him and the marshals a few moments to actually work out where his R1 has landed.

He was able to take part in that afternoon’s race where he was able to pick up a points’ finish – just behind Taylor on the road fittingly enough – to secure fifth position in the overall standings.

Tarran will ride with McAMS Yamaha again in 2020 where he will make use of the latest generation R1… perhaps with some GPS, radar and a bullet shield.