Shane Byrne injured in 70mph head-on crash

British Superbike star lucky to be alive

BRITISH Superbike rider Shane Byrne has been involved in a 70mph head-on car crash on his way back to his family home in Switzerland.

Byrne, who was travelling with his family, was involved in the crash early on the morning of the 9th of January. After the initial crash, Byrne was then hit by another car once he'd stepped out of his Mercedes Vito van (pictured left) and damaged his ankle.

Byrne posted this series of tweets: "Bad day.. Was in a multi car pile up early am, survived that in the pitch black, got out of my van, then got knocked down by another car!!.."

"..wish I could say I was joking, fortunately wife and children ok, suspected broken ankle turned out to be ok #callmelucky"

"..70mph head on smash, knocked down by another car after the crash and a sore ankle... Somebody was looking out for me!!"

Byrne later commented that to add insult to injury he lost his house keys in the crash and had to fork out 275 Euros to get back in his house.

We guess you could say he was Shaken, not stirred..