New British Superbike Championship format announced for 2023

The new British Superbike Championship format is aimed at increasing the competition and will see points increase as the season draws to a close

BSB Jason OHalloran elbow down

SWEEPING changes have been brought in ahead of the 2023 British Superbike season, as the way points are awarded in the ‘Showdown’ stages of the championship are tweaked.

Thankfully, the fan-favourite Showdown element will remain for 2023, with Oulton Park, Donington Park and the Brands Hatch GP circuit still hosting the nail-biting final three rounds. Prior to the Showdown, points will be awarded from first place, receiving 18 points, down to 15th place, receiving a single point – the full scape of points for pre-showdown races looks like this: 18-16-14-12-11-10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1. In the latter stages of the season though, when the event returns to Oulton, Points will increase, with the scale of points awarded to finishers looking like this: 25-22-20-18-16-14-12-10-8-6-5-4-3-2-1. The same points system will be awarded for both the Oulton and Donington Park Showdown events.

New British Superbike Championship format explained

By the time the bikes and riders arrive at Donington Park for the final Showdown event, BSB organisers will up the ante further, boosting the number of points available across the board. For this round, points will be awarded in line with the following scale:  35-30-27-24-22-20-18-16-14-12-10-8-6-4-2. The team championship will also be calculated in the same manner, something BSB series director, Stuart Higgs, thinks will only increase the excitement.

“Following the announcement of our partnership renewal with Bennetts, we can also unveil our new Championship format for 2023.

“This represents only the third time in the series’ long history that we have adapted the Championship format, following consultation with teams and riders.

“The Showdown format from 2010-2022 has served the championship well and provided some historic and edge of the seat outcomes but we feel it’s right to evolve the format.

“The new format will recognise season long performance and ideally create the opportunity for more teams and riders to remain in mathematical title contention and maintain the crescendo of competition that is seen many other sports disciplines.”

The 2023 BSB season kicks off in earnest at Oulton Park on April 29th 2023.