British Superbikes | Dynavolt Triumph Street Triple 765 RS revealed

Triumph has pulled the wraps off its Dynavolt Street Triple 765 which will compete in this year’s British Supersport Championship

Dynavolt Triumph Street Triple 765 RS revealed

TRIUMPH has this week unveiled the bike that it will take into battle in this year’s Quattro Group British Supersport Championship, the new Dynavolt Street Triple 765 RS.

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The team is headed up by Simon Buckmaster and the PTR team racing as Dynavolt Triumph, with riders Kyle Ryde (World Supersport) and Brandon Paasch (former British Motostar Champion) leading the charge.

The goal of the project is to demonstrate the performance credentials of the 765 triple engine and Street Triple RS chassis, that features a plethora of top-spec components, in the most demanding environment of top-level competition. On top of that, Triumph wants to build a new formula for Supersport motorcycle racing, allowing a greater variety of engine formats and configurations, offering more exciting and open racing, and improving the trickle-down of tech to road-going motorcycles.

Steve Sargent, Triumph’s Chief Product Officer explained:

“We were offered the opportunity of testing the formula for expanding the Championship and see this year very much as a year for a proving ground for us to make sure we have a competitive bike. The ambition is to go beyond this and next year go into World Supersport, part of a longer-term racing strategy and this is a key part in terms of developing a more road based racing class; so building something that you can actually go into the showroom, buy and ride and then convert into a race bike. I think, for a manufacturer like Triumph, that’s quite important.”

The Dynavolt Triumph Street Triple 765 RS is scheduled to make its debut on track during the first official BSB Test, at Silverstone, today, the 28th April 2021.