Zard Zuma slip-on pipe now available for Ducati Scrambler Desert Sled

The Italian company Zard Exhaust has made its Zuma slip-on pipe available in two forms for the Ducati Scrambler Desert Sled.

Ducati Scrambler Desert Sled with Zard Zuma slip-on exhaust. - Zard

Zard, the exhaust manufacturer, has made available its Zuma slip-on exhaust for the Ducati Scrambler Desert Sled.

The Desert Sled launched in 2019, and along with the DesertX is a part of Ducati’s growing off-road portfolio, which is reportedly set to soon expand into the world of motocross. But it is the 2021 edition which is now available with a new slip-on pipe from Zard.

It is a bike which combines modern Ducati engineering with retro off-road styling for an attractive modern classic that goes well both on the asphalt and on gravel.

The Italian exhaust manufacturer, Zard, is now making its Zuma exhaust available for the Desert Sled. Made of stainless steel, the Zuma is a slip-on pipe that maintains the Euro5 homologation while saving weight. 

And quite a bit of weight at that. Compared to the standard exhaust of the Desert Sled, the Zuma will save 4.7kg in its ‘Euro5’ form. In addition, there is a ‘Racing’ version that will save 4.9kg, and neither the Euro5 or Racing editions require ECU modifications. 

But, they do come at a cost. The base price for the Euro5 €909.02, which equates to around £750, but there are also three optionals that hike that up even further. 

These options are a black end cap and logo plate; black coating on the slip-on; and stainless steel end cap and logo plate. With all three selected, the price of the Zuma rises to €1127.88, or around £950. 

Presumably, though, the two end cap and logo plate options cancel each other out. So, if you wanted to just the black end cap with the black coating, the cost would be €1098.37 (around £920). If you wanted the black coating with the steel cap and logo plate, the cost would be €1044.27 (around £875).

For the racing version, the price is slightly lower. The base cost is €729,51, which is around £600. With all three options selected, that rises to €948,37, or around £800; with black coating and black cap and logo plate, it is €918,86 (around £770); and with black coating and silver cap and log plate, it is €864,76 (around £725).

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