WeBike announce Katana kit for the Suzuki SV650

If the GSX-S1000-based Suzuki Katana is a bit much for you, how about this Katana-inspired SV650?

WeBike announce Katana kit for the Suzuki SV650

Deck out your Suzuki SV650 out with a Katana inspired body kit from WeBike in Japan!

The full-fat Suzuki Katana is a great bike, I mean, it’s based on a great bike in the form of the GSX-S sporty touring machine that’s been around for some time now. But there are some folk out there that might see the 150bhp, retro-modern naked as just a bit too much of a motorcycle for them.

Take new riders or those hitting the roads with an A2 motorcycle for instance, in both these cases you want something a little more dependable, a little less hardcore.

And now you can have the best of both worlds with this awesome looking kit from the guys and girls at WeBike in Japan, as they are selling aftermarket kits that turn your conventional SV650 into a mini Katana. Featuring the headlight and fly-screen modelled on the modern-day Katana, the kit looks fairly simple and easy to fit – ditch the old headlight and cowl and bolt on the replacement. It’s available in four colours – although at the time of writing two where out of stock – and can be ordered in primer so the owner can paint to their own liking if need be.

Getting the Katana look on your SV650 isn’t going to be cheap though, with the kit coming in at ¥ 101,755 meaning at today's rates it’ll cost you in excess of £750! And that’s before you’ve added import tax and delivery!

It might actually be more cost-effective to just wait a few years and buy a secondhand Katana!

To check out the kit, head to: webike.net