Wairbag - airbag equipped bike jackets now in UK

Revolutionary Motorcyclist Airbag Jackets now available in the UK - see the video!

A REVOLUTIONARY range of motorcycle jackets
incorporating a unique personal airbag system are now available for
the first time in the UK from the exclusive distributor Wairbag.com

Fitted with a ripcord which
clips directly to the motorcycle, should there be an ejection from the
bike a small CO2 cartridge is triggered inflating the jacket as quickly
as 0.2 of a second. The motorcyclist is therefore provided with a firm
and strong airbag cushion fully protecting the torso before impact with
another vehicle or the road surface. All areas are protected from the
front of the chest, the side ribs and the back, as well increased support
for the neck and spine areas.

Once used the CO2 cartridge can be easily replaced allowing the jacket to
be fully functioning and ready for use in just a few moments.

Wairbag.com offer a range of ten different styles of Motoair inflatable
safety jackets and vests in sizes Small to XXXL and prices ranging from
£308 - £398.

A leather version is also available upon request and new
designs are being added in January.

Visit the company's website at www.wairbag.com.