Ventura luggage for hardcore Ducatis. Sensible or sacrilege?

Ventura tail pack rack fitting for Ducati Panigale V4 and Scrambler 1100

Ventura Bike Pack Ducati Panigale V4

THE VENTURA tail pack rack setup is a good one - and we've used it on a few bikes over the years. You get a set of bespoke brackets which attach to your bike, and a standard bag-carrying rack simply bolts on. It holds a large soft bag really securely, either over the pillion seat, or out over the back of the bike when you're carrying a passenger. When you don't need the bag, you can fit a small grab rail, or you can even unbolt the brackets.

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And now Ventura has released fitments for two new 2018 Ducatis - the awesome Panigale V4, and the Scrambler 1100. Although very different in design, the Panigale and Scrambler share the same crap luggage carrying abilities - their minimalist rear-ends give little option for mounting soft bags or hard cases.

Ventura’s Bike Pack System combines the best features of hard and soft luggage, to add serious carrying capability without excess weight, width or bulky and unsightly racking systems. The Bike Pack system consists of just three elements: L-Brackets, Pack-Rack and Pack:  

  1. The discreet L-Brackets are tailor made for each machine and attach to existing mounting points on the sub-frame.
  2. The Pack-Rack slots into the L-Brackets, offering a stable and secure platform for the luggage.
  3. The Pack, which simply slides onto the Rack and clips into place

The unique mounting system ensures the load won’t shift, even during hard riding. It can be carried directly behind the rider close to the bike’s centre of gravity, and quickly re-positioned behind the pillion seat when a passenger is on-board. Both options carry the pack well clear of exhausts and the rear wheel.  

Riders can choose from a range of 11 different packs, from a small 10-litre bag to a whopping 63-litre design, to suit all types of trip. When luggage is not required, both Pack and Rack can be removed in seconds, leaving only the L-Brackets behind. The rider then has the option of fitting a pillion Grab Handle.

L-Brackets for the 1100 Panigale V4 and Scrambler 1100 cost £125.00 and prices for the Pack-Rack start at £77.99. Both the 22-litre EVO Pack and 51-litre Aero Spada Pack (shown in images) cost £129.99.

For further details, prices and a full list of pack options, call 01256 704909 or visit