US-Beemer! Double USB socket kit for modern BMWs

Replace the DIN 12v socket with this neat waterproof dual USB charging outlet

BMW USB socket replacement

REMEMBER WHEN USB was just a thing on your computer? Seems mad how many things now use the connectors for power - phones, tablets, GPS units, cameras, etc etc etc.

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So USB connections on your bike are very useful these days. We've got a couple of neat little cigarette lighter adapters we use on the move, and they're perfect when the bike has a suitable outlet.

If you've got a recent BMW though, they have a slightly odd DIN socket, which need an adapter, or a special USB charger to fit. Hmmm. But BMW parts specialists Nippy Normans has the answer - a total replacement dual socket that connects and fits exactly the same way as the stock DIN socket. So no cutting wires, soldering or faff. It's fully waterproof, with rubber covers, and a special rubber gasket to seal round the edges of USB wires when plugged in.

The Plug-and-Play Dual USB Socket is fully Can Bus compatible and retails at just £35.00 including VAT. Supplied with full installation instructions, it can be fitted to the following BMW models:

  • F 650 twin / 700 GS / 800 GS / 850 GS
  • R 1200 GS LC 2013 on and 2017 on
  • R 1200 Adventure LC 2014 on and 2018 on
  • R 1200 R LC / RT LC
  • K 1600 GT / GTL / Bagger / Grand America

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