Triumph Tiger 800 receives new clutch cable kit from Venhill

A new Featherlight Clutch Cable kit for the Triumph Tiger 800 has been made available by Venhill, offering a lighter feel.

Tiger 800 Press Ride

Venhill has launched a new clutch cable for the Triumph Tiger 800, offering a lighter feel than the standard cable.

The new Venhill Featherlight Clutch Cable is a direct replacement for the standard item on the Triumph Tiger 800, aimed at providing a lighter feel to the clutch.

Such a change, Venhill says, will provide greater control over the clutch while also reducing fatigue in the clutch-operating hand and arm, which can certainly be seen as an advantage on a motorcycle which is intended for longer-distance rides.

Venhill’s Featherlight Clutch Cable uses “marine-grade stainless steel,” according to a Venhill press release, for the inner wire, which prevents unwanted stretching. Additionally, a ‘bird-caging’ technique is used that allows, Venhill says, the “solder to penetrate the weave of the cable, making the bond with the nipple much stronger.” This, in turn, reduces the risk of the cable breaking.

Further features include a PFTE liner to reduce friction, which Venhill says “removes the need for regular lubrication.” A stainless steel braid wraps the liner, itself covered with a protective PA6 Nylon layer, which helps protect the inner components from damage and corrosion.

The new clutch cable kits. They retail at £25.32 (inc VAT) with availability for the following Triumph Tiger 800 variants (from 2010-2020 model year):

Head to the Venhill website to order your Triumph Tiger 800 clutch kit.

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