Take a virtual tour of the GIVI 2021 product catalogue

The Italian company has found an innovative way to unveil its new collection to two-wheel enthusiasts with GIVI NEXT TO ME

GIVI 2021

WITH the global health emergency still causing havoc for motorcycle events globally, manufacturers are having to adapt fast to remain in the game.

Bike manufacturers are shunning the big-budget, far-flung launches at glitzy hotels (blub!), and Zoom meetings with CEOs of major manufacturers are weirdly becoming the norm!

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And it’s not just the bike makers that are having to keep abreast of the wave, kit and clothing companies need to stay connected in with their consumers in an increasingly un-connected world.

GIVI is one such company, and without the big bike shows happening to allow punters to touch and feel its products, it’s opting for the next best thing.

GIVI NEXT TO ME is a virtual tour of all of the Italian firm’s products for 2021. It’s set out almost as if you’re in some futuristic showroom, deep in the heart of a swanky art gallery. It’s split up into sections, Touring, Café Racer, Urban, and so on, and easily lets you home in on the products that suit your style of riding.

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Okay, we admit, it’s not quite as rewarding as getting on a stand and touching and feeling the products. But it is the next best thing, and much more immersive than simply browsing the 2021 section of a website!

To check out the GIVI NEXT TO ME online event, head to: givinexttome.givimoto.com

NOTE: Once the main screen has loaded click 'Enable Video' to enter the event.