"Super-Premium” Cardo Packtalk Pro Features New Safety Tech

German intercom company Cardo has launched a new "super-premium" entry to its Packtalk range: Cardo Packtalk Pro, featuring a new crash detection system

Cardo Packtalk Pro. - Cardo/Joseph Agustin

The Cardo Packtalk Pro has been launched as the new flagship version of the Packtalk intercom system and includes new safety features.

Cardo is calling the new Packtalk Pro “super-premium”, with the aforementioned safety features headlining its specifications.

The first part of the safety system is a series of sensors fitted to the device itself which detect when a crash has happened. Second, the Packtalk Pro connects to the Cardo Connect mobile app, in which the user can save details such as emergency contacts, who will be notified by the device in the event of a crash.

Cardo says its crash detection system is based on a “perpetually learning algorithm”.

The short way of explaining that is that the more people crash while using the system, the better the system will get. Or, as Cardo says, “With thousands of Cardo riders worldwide who will contribute to the continuous data analysis and constant evolution of Cardo’s Crash Detection System, the current solution’s performance is just the beginning.” 

Beyond the safety features, this is effectively a Packtalk Edge (which Cardo says will continue to be sold alongside the Pro). This means it has 45mm JBL speakers, Waterproof IP67, Bluetooth 5.2, over-the-air software updates, USB type-C, built-in FM Radio, and it comes with a 3-year warranty. Additionally, Cardo says the Packtalk Pro will turn on and off automatically, being able to detect when it’s at a standstill.

Alon Lumbroso, Chief Executive Officer at Cardo Systems, said: “The Packtalk Pro is the most advanced communication device we’ve developed in our history.

“The introduction of crash detection and emergency alerts arms riders with a heightened level of security, taking what is already the most advanced and feature-rich system on the market and elevating it to a new level.

“For two decades we’ve committed ourselves to enhancing the riding experience and moving the industry forward with innovations that truly matter to riders. We intend to maintain that leadership position for many years to come.”

The Cardo Packtalk Pro is available to order from the Cardo website now for €469.95, which equates to around £400. Alternatively, Cardo says it should be in retailers from the end of June.

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