Spidi launch DPS Sport inflatable neck brace

Spidi update their neck-brace project with the new for 2009 DPS Sport

Spidi's DPS Sport ... inflatable neck protector

Spidi's DPS Sport ... inflated to protect your neck

SPIDI launched their 2009 collection to the world's press and the main highlight for us is the DPS Sport, Spidi's revised neck protector.

Spidi initially launched the DPS-01 back in 1999, the product of a collaboration between Spidi in Italy and Japanese technicians. The DPS-01 was a vest to be worn over your jacket, inflated by one cylinder. In 2002 Spidi launched the DPS-02, a revised and updated DPS-01 and in 2003 Spidi produced their first jacket with an integrated DPS system, the DPS-03.

The DPS Sport marks another step forward for Spidi, as it can be worn over the top of any clothing. The system now features twin gas cartridges for faster inflation.

Alpinestars and Dainese are working on their own advanced neck protection systems, both allegedly using gyroscopes and hi-tech sensors to detect a crash the moment it happens. The DPS Sport relies on a toggle attached to the motorcycle which when pulled inflates as you are thrown from the bike.

The technology for neck protection is in rapid development and is far from perfected, but the DPS Sport offers riders a choice of additional protection against neck injuries.

Would you wear one?