Shoei launches Iron Maiden X-Spirit III

The devil really is in the detail on this lid

Shoei launches Iron Maiden X-Spirit III

ARE YOU a fan of beer, bikes and heavy metal bands?

If you answered yes to all of the above, then Shoei has the lid for you – its new limited edition ‘Trooper’ X-Spirit III helmet.

Unveiled at the TT today by Tyco BMW’s Peter Hickman, the ‘Trooper’ pays tribute to its namesake beer, which was created by Iron Maiden and made by Robinsons Brewery. It’s an exact replica of the helmet worn by the 31-year-old during this year’s IOMTT.

It features an adaptation of the Derek Riggs cover artwork from Iron Maiden's 1983 'The Trooper' single, although instead of a tattered Union Jack, the band's zombie-like mascot 'Eddie' brandishes the Isle of Man flag. The Trooper and Iron Maiden names adorn the sides while two stripes bearing the TT and 'Hicky' logos lead to the back of the helmet where the Robinson's Brewery badge features alongside 'Hicky' and the number 666.

Only 666 of the Trooper lids will be made, with each individually numbered and packaged in an exclusive Trooper Limited Edition Box Set. Also included in the box set is a limited edition A3 Trooper canvas art print encased in a printed metal presentation tin, pint glass, Trooper Ale bar runner, sticker, key ring, lanyard and a retro pin badge.

There’s no denying that it’s a pretty wicked looking lid, and one guaranteed to get you brownie points down the pub – we’re not advocating drinking and driving, mind, even though it is beer-themed… For £799.99 - just £100 more than a normal graphic X-Spirit III would cost you -  you can bag yourself a genuine piece of TT memorabilia, and one that comes with the safety guarantee of a Shoei.

Visit to pre-order one now, with deliveries expected in November.