First look: Hevik Identity Racer gloves

Retro style with proper weather protection - whatever next?

Hevik Identity gloves

FORM OR FUNCTION? That's a question which is racking motorcycling at the moment, with performance-obsessed Gixxer fans getting upset at brown-saddled BMWs with knobbly tyres and no front mudguard. Should we just have things which look the part - or is how something works more important than how it looks?

Or maybe we can have both? Like these Hevik Identity Racer gloves. They've obviously gone in hard on the style, with brown and black soft leather, natty 1950s-style racing stripes, and a quilted palm detail. But under this chi-chi exterior is a decent thermal lining, waterproof membrane, and a conductive layer on the fingertips so you can work your touchscreen gizmoids to your heart's content. The construction feels pretty high quality, and nice touches like the little metal button trim lifts the overall impression.

We've not worn these on the bike yet (it's been too hot, whatever next?). But it won't be long before we have to go ride a retro-styled bike in the rain, we imagine, and then we will be completely set for action. More on these gloves at that point...

The Hevike Identity Racer gloves cost around £55. More info here

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