Shoei announce the Glamster retro inspired road helmet

The Shoei Glamster has a foot in the past and an eye on the future as it mixes modern-day tech and retro-styling

Shoei Glamster

RETRO anything is big news at the moment. From retro rides to retro threads – anything that has a touch of the vintage to it is big business.

Nowhere is that more evident than in the motorcycle world, where pretty much every manufacturer has a retro-themed machine nestled in the line up of bikes. The trouble is, you don’t want to be riding your cool, retro motorcycle while wearing a helmet that wouldn’t look out of place on a Power Ranger, would you?

Enter the Shoei Glamster, a motorcycle helmet that is clearly inspired by the helmets worn by the GP racers of the 70s and 80s but built using the most up-to-date materials and techniques.

The shell is an AIM built outer, with organic fibre and multi-composite fibre in various layers for a shock-absorbent shell with optimum rigidity. The interior liner is a multi-density EPS unit, with different density elements protecting different parts of the rider’s head.

The visor is a Pinlock ready item with three-position adjustment and what looks like an ultra-wide aperture. The Glamster is available in three shell sizes covering five sizes – XS-M-L-XL-XXL.

The lining in the lid s completely removable and washable, with cool air inlets mounted in the chin and forehead, with hot air exhausts at the rear of the lid for comfort.

The Shoei Glamster is available in eight colourways, with plain colours available for £399.99 and the graphic Resurrection version coming in at £499.99

for more information on this helmet and the rest of the Shoei range, click here.

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