Shellios Puros motorcycle helmet features HEPA filtration

The Shellios Puros motorcycle helmet includes a HEPA filtration system to help you breathe clean in even the most polluted of cities


THE Shellios Puros is a clever motorcycle helmet that incorporates a HEPA filtration system to deliver clean and fresh air to the rider.

Developed in India, which suffers from some severe pollution problems in its biggest cities, the Shellios Puros is claimed to reduce exposure to toxic pollutants by up to 80 percent.

The system comprises the filter (at the rear of the helmet) and a fan to circulate the filtered air to the rider’s face. It’s rated to H13 Grade HEPA filtration, putting it on a par with medical grade filtration devices – H13 and H14 are the highest achievable levels. At this level, the Puros motorcycle helmet is able to capture significant percentages of particles smaller than 0.3 μm in size. Naturally, the device is cordless in its operation and features an in-built battery.

The lid is BIS certified to BIS IS:4151 (Indian Standard for Safety Helmets), we are doing some digging to see how that shapes up in comparison to the UK and EU standards.

Currently, the Shellios Puros is only available in sizes medium (58cm) and large (60mm) sizes, and has a retail price of 4,500 Indian rupees – equivalent to just £48! That does include free shipping to anywhere in India.

While that sounds like a great deal, don’t go reaching for your credit card just yet. We’ve reached out to an industry expert to see if they can give us the heads up on just how stringent the Indian testing standard for motorcycle helmets is – stay tuned!

More information on the Shellios Puros can be found here.

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