REC Watches – Timepieces constructed from iconic vehicles

REC timepieces feature recovered, reclaimed, and recycled elements, taken from some of the most iconic motorcycles and cars in history

REC Watches – Timepieces constructed from iconic vehicles

WE often say at Visordown that watches and motorcycles are a match made in heaven, and for years the two industries have relied on one another to help them sell their products.

That intrinsic link between high-end timepieces and the two-wheeled world is being taken to another level by Danish friends, Jonathan Kamstrup & Christian Mygh, the founders of REC Watches. 

Launched in 2014, the duo has made it their mission to seek out the most iconic two and four-wheeled vehicles, keeping the story of each one alive by preserving a little piece of it within the dial of the watch.

Before we get into the intricacies of the process, the mantra behind the manufacture with the brand is Recover, Recycle, and Reclaim – or just REC for short! That three-pronged approach sees the team at REC seeking out some of the most iconic motorcycles and cars, recycling some of its internal parts, and using them to construct the limited edition timepieces.

The element of the watch that features the recycled parts can be seen around the centre of the dial. Because of the process involved in recycling the material, each timepiece is left with a unique patina and no two watches are the same.

REC Watches TTT Collection

The TTT Collection is a two watch series featuring the recycled internal parts from two very special Triumph motorcycles.

Each timepiece in the TTT Collection features a Swiss-made Sellita Caliber SW200-1 S B movement. The mechanism allows for automatic or manual winding, it has 26 jewels, and 41-hours of power reserve. The quality of the movement allows for accuracy of between ±15 seconds per day.

The first is The Great Escape TTT, a watch that is features elements of one of the most famous movie motorcycles in history –  the Triumph TR6 Trophy as ridden by Steve McQueen in The Great Escape.

The ultimate barn-find motorcycle, the bike was restored by Triumph expert Dick Shepherd after a 40-year slumber. With much of the original bike being retained in the restoration process, The Great Escape TTT features the recycled con-rods and clutch plates from the iconic machine.

Another nod to the TR6 Trophy is the ‘WH-13371’ inscription on the dial. Eagle-eyed fans of the film will recognise the inscription as the registration number of the bike in the film.

The Great Escape TTT also features an innovative rotating case that switches between ‘Ride’ and ‘Dress’ modes. In the ‘Ride’ setting, the watch face is rotated 30 to allow the 12 O’clock marker to be more visible at a glance.

Clever stuff.

The second notable timepiece is the Icon 1000 TTT, which features the recycled stator cover of the Icon 1000 Speedmaster in its construction.

The bike is an homage to the drag racing heyday of the 1960s, although it features a mass of go-faster goodies from some of the best performance part manufacturers in the business.

Like The Great Escape TTT above, the Icon 1000 TTT features the unique ‘Ride’ and ‘Dress’ dial that allows the rider an easier view of the watch face while out on the bike.

Why choose REC Watches

Every watch is a limited edition (?)

By the nature of the build and with a finite amount of metal available, each REC Watches timepiece is a limited edition item.

A unique patina in every dial

The recycling process used to create each watch means that every timepiece has a unique patina and finish, with no two products having the precise same look.

Carry a piece of an iconic vehicle on your wrist forever

With each face of a REC Watch featuring metal sourced from an iconic machine, owners get the chance to carry a piece of that emblematic machine with them.

Fast delivery and peace of mind

Each timepiece carries a 3-year warranty for peace of mind, and fast worldwide shipping is included – estimated at 3-5 working days.

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