New Vata7 X1 helmet features brake lights that match your bike

Vata7 have released a helmet, the X1, with LED lighting details, which aims to improve safety via increased visibility.

Vata7 X1 LED helmet.

Vata7, a company specialising in motorcycling protective equipment, have released the X1 helmet, which features LED lights.

The aim of the X1 is to create a helmet with increased lighting to allow the wearer to be more visible on the road in all light conditions. 

More frequently, we are seeing brands incorporate reflective surfaces in their products to help their wearers be more visible in low-light conditions, but the addition of an LED lighting system to a helmet is a step further in this direction. 

Vata7 also says that the X1’s LED lights match the lighting of your motorcycle, meaning it has tail and brake lights, as well as indicators. In this sense, the X1 must be one of the most visible helmets you can wear.

As well as motorcycles, the X1 is also compatible with skooters, and even electric skateboards, indicating the versatility of its technology.

Additionally, Vata7 says that the X1 does all of this wirelessly, meaning the wearer can move their head with the freedom of a regular, unlit helmet. 

The X1 also features, according to Vata7, fully customisable lighting modes via their official app, and water- and shock-proofing on its LEDs, which can last for 50,000 hours, while the battery can last for 12 hours on a full charge. There is also a factory-integrated microphone and speaker.

Vata7 also claim the X1 weighs only 0.9kg in the small size, which is mostly down to its carbon fibre construction. Of course, the larger sizes will be heavier, and those sizes go from XXS to 3XL. The retail for the Vata7 should be around £700, and you can sign up to their mailing list, to get the latest information, here.

Images courtest of Motorrad/Vata7.