New flyscreen for Kawasaki Z900 RS

Keep the midges off with this (g)natty new flyscreen from UK firm Skidmarx

New flyscreen for Kawasaki Z900 RS

GOODNESS ME that new Z900 RS has certainly caught the imagination - as well as being critically acclaimed by journos, it's selling like hotcakes too. The base bike could do with a little bit extra wind protection though - enter this tinted flyscreen from Skidmarx. Dubbed the Delta screen, it's a simple enough looking bit of kit - couple of stainless steel mount points, fitted in minutes, and only £65 inc VAT? Seems like a bargain too.

The Delta comes in a range of colours: fluo green, dark green, bright blue, race violet, red, amber, bright yellow or black. We're sucking our teeth at some of those right enough - but we're sure you'll all do the right thing...

Call Skidmarx on 01305 780808 or visit for details.

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