New Arai Quantic Sports Touring helmet revealed for 2021

The Arai Quantic is designed for sports touring riders looking for performance at high speed, protection, and comfort

A white motorcycle helmet

MOTORCYCLE helmet maestros Arai have managed to brighten this early mid-week winter’s day with the launch of a brand new helmet, the Quantic.

It’s an interesting lid from the firm and seems to blend elements of the sportier offerings in the range (like the rear-mounted spoiler) with features found on more comfortable helmets. It slots in the Arai range between the Profile V and the track-focused RX-7V.

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As with the rest of the Arai range, the Quantic’s first task is to provide protection to the rider, with this lid coming in for some extra scrutiny. It’s the first Arai full-face helmet to go through the new, more rigorous ECE R22-06 standard – that’s on top of Arai’s already stringent in-house testing program.

The shell of the lid is what Arai calls a Peripherally Belted e-Complex Laminate Construction for strength, which is joined by a softer, multi-density EPS inner liner for protection. The exterior of the helmet is typically Arai, smooth, almost totally free from obstructions, and perfectly spherical. All of this is designed to help the helmet glance off surfaces and other obstructions, should the rider have an accident. This glancing off action of the key to the Arai R&D philosophy as it helps to dissipate impact forces that could otherwise be transferred to the rider’s head.

A neat feature of the new Quantic is the 3D Arai logo that doubles as a cool air intake. Not only does the logo look cool, but it also sits right on the area of highest air-pressure, guaranteeing a flow of cool air at pretty much any speed. The forehead intake is joined by a chin vent, F1-derived tear-drop ducts, and that RX-7V exhaust/spoiler.

Arai is claiming to have tested the lid both on the streets at slow to normal road speeds, and also at Suzuki with its 700 metre long straight. It is claimed that at 30mph an extra 40% airflow, while at 75mph an extra 7% airflow is provided.

The internal liner of the new helmet borrows both from the Profile V and RX-7V, the Quantic makes use of a brushed nylon lining material. It was chosen to help maximise airflow around the rider’s head, with the entire lining being designed from scratch for the same reason. The interior is partially removeable, ear cups and cheek pads – although the entire helmet is washable in warm water with mild soap.

The Quantic features the Variable Axis System (VAS) visor, meaning you can replace the visor in a matter of seconds once you have popped the side panels off to reveal the mechanism. The VAS MAX Vision shield is included in the box and comes Pinlock ready.

Arai Quantic features

Outer Shell

  • PB e-cLc (Peripherally Belted e-Complex Laminate Construction)
  • Variable Axis System (VAS)

Front Ventilation

  • 3D Arai logo duct
  • Dual tear-duct top intake vents
  • Brow vents
  • Air-scoop chin vent

Rear Ventilation

  • Neck exhaust vent
  • Rear exhaust/spoiler
  • Side exhausts


  • VAS Max Vision Visor with De-Mist option
  • Shield latch system
  • Pinlock insert lens


  • Brushed nylon Liner material
  • Replaceable Cheek pads/Ear cups
  • Replaceable Interior
  • Speaker pockets
  • Facial Contour System (FCS)
  • 5mm ’’Peel Away’’ Temple pad


  • Emergency Release System (ERS)
  • Breath guard
  • Chin Curtain
  • 5mm wider base
  • Intercom accommodation
  • Neckroll wire pocket