The Motobit Sentinal is the wearable tech that could save a rider’s life

With wearable tech becoming ever more popular, why not wear something that could save you, or someone you’re riding with?


THE Motobit Sentinel is a device that a rider wears on their wrist or belt that monitors your ride and those around you. The device can alert the emergency services should you have a crash, and even notify you should somebody in your group have one.

Motobit Sentinel advanced motorcyclist wearable tech | video introduction 

The small device can either be worn like a watch, strapped to a belt, or tucked in your jacket pocket. Not only can the device alert you or an emergency contact to a crash, but the system can also understand, through GPS from the user’s smartphone, what the road ahead looks like. Because of this, the Sentinel can inform the rider of the severity of a corner allowing them to adjust their speed accordingly. The system notifies the rider to alerts with haptic vibrations that can alert the rider to a range of situations.

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The device can also notify the lead rider in a group if another Sentinel user is falling behind in the group. This could be very handy should the rider behind have an accident, not so handy if they are the type of rider to constantly get caught at red traffic lights!

So far, the Motobit Sentinel has raised £6,834 of its £13,564 target on the crowdfunding website Indiegogo. A single unit is currently on the site for £108, with four units for group riding coming in at £361.

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