Keis G102 Heated Inner Glove: protection both on and off the motorcycle

A new release from Keis has come in the form of the G102 Heated Inner Glove, aimed at protecting the wearer's hands on and off the motorcycle.

Keis G102 Heated Inner Glove

The Keis G102 Heated Inner Gloves will keep your hands warm on and off your motorcycle.

Whether you are motorcycling, cycling, hiking, walking the dog, attending outdoor events, and just about any time you’re exposed to the cold, you can have warmth at the tip of your fingers with Keis G102 Heated inner Gloves. Their dual power design means they can draw power either directly from your motorcycle’s 12V battery or any Keis portable battery pack, which are sold separately. 

The Keis G102 Heated Inner Gloves are made from a lightweight stretch material, that are meant to be super comfy and able to fit under most motorcycle and outdoor gloves. The luxurious warmth comes from the Micro Alloy Element Technology inside, which is ultra-thin, yet still delivers instant heat whenever it's needed.

The current draw is only 1 Amp, so the gloves won’t put any strain on your bike’s charging system, and with a powerful Keis Lithium-ion rechargeable battery pack you can keep the heat on for up to two and a half hours with the 2600mAh option, and over five hours from the larger 5200mAh version.

Easy to care for, Keis G102 Heated Inner Gloves are machine washable and the heating elements have a Lifetime Warranty. They come in unisex sizes S-XL and are priced at £79 per pair including VAT. Each pair comes with full instructions and both a vehicle (motorcycle) battery Power Supply Lead and a Y-lead for plugging in to Keis heated jackets and vests.  

Prices for battery packs start at £80- for the 2600mAh battery with a multinational charger.

Visit to see the full range of Keis heated clothing.

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