HJC launches latest motorcycle helmet, the full-face i71

HJC has launched a new sports-touring motorcycle helmet, the full-face i71, with updated ventilation compared to the i70 and a range of available sizes.

HJC i71

The sport-touring motorcycle helmet that HJC have released boasts more features than any HJC helmet than they have ever had before.

HJC are hard at work updating their current line up The brand has already replaced its CS-15 model with the C10 but have already released new helmets like the retro V10 and the new RPHA variants. The new line up is also where the i71 fits into the HJC line up as it is the upgraded version of the i70.

The i71 pushes the boundaries for a sport and touring model with its new sleek shell design. The Advanced Polycarbonate helmet now has three shells with six available sizes to allow for comfort for different riders. The sizes of the i71 feature: Extra small, Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large and Double Extra Large.

HJC have also added more ventilation to their i71. The top vent has been rearranged and the mouth vent has been enlarged to allow for increased air intake and ventilation. 

The i71 also features a new face shield, the HJ-38 Pinlock ready face shield comes with a new PE (Push/Eject) locking system for extra safety, and a sun visor, that is able to be used in three different positions, built into the helmet. 

The i71 will also accept the second generation Smart HJC Bluetooth systems.

The i71 comes in seven different colour options. These options are: Pearl White, Semi Flat Pearl White, N.Grey, Semi Flat Anthracite, Semi Flat Titanium, Semi Flat Black and Metal Black.

As well as different colours the i71 comes in different graphic options other than just solid colours. The other options are Simo, Sera, Peka, Nior and Enta.

The i71 comes into the market at a price of 229.90 euros, which equivalates at £201.07.

Find out more on the HJC European website.

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