Hevik’s Portland jacket re-imagined for 2018

There is a brickie's joke here about Ordinary Portland, but we're not builders...

Hevik’s Portland jacket re-imagined for 2018

Hevik’s Portland jacket was a coat that paved the way and, even today, it is a best-seller thanks to its elegance and attention to detail, which makes it ideal for wearing on scooters, trail, naked and classic motorcycles and now it has re-emerged for 2018 in a nice blue.

It is a three-quarter length jacket that incorporates a layer of cotton that has been impregnated with wax-based paraffin, as well as an internal membrane that provides absolute waterproofing. In order to be used practically all year round, it is also equipped with a removable inner thermal lining.

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The zip closure has a flap that prevents the ingress of both air and rain, whilst at the same time, giving it a much cleaner appearance and to avoid scratching the fuel tank, the zipper is secured with rubberised brackets. The zippers used in the front pockets are also waterproof. To ensure a perfect fit, the Portland boasts Velcro adjustments on the waist and at the cuffs.

When it comes to jackets with a strong emphasis on style and aesthetics, it's not uncommon to overlook protection. However, this is not the case with the Portland, which has CE-approved protection on the shoulders and elbows. There is also a specific rear pocket for the optional Hevik H-Fullback armor.

The Hevik Portland jacket is available in sizes ranging from S to 3XL in three colours: black, grey and navy blue at a price of £169.89.

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