Givi top boxes become wheelie cases with new accessory

Turn any Monokey top box into wheelie case

GIVI just solved a perennial problem for motorcycling jetsetters: where do you put your suitcase?

A new accessory from the motorcycle luggage specialist turns existing Givi top boxes into wheelie cases to take with you when you get off the bike.

Featuring wheels and a telescopic handle, it fits in between Givi top boxes and their existing mounting plate.

It’s called the S410 and is compatible with any top boxes using the firm’s Mononkey mounting system, Givi says.

The firm launched the accessory with a video showing a high-flying executive putting his briefcase in it and then wheeling it 10 paces to his private jet. Because how else would he have got the briefcase on the plane?

No doubt in real life it will have more useful applications than that.

It costs £117.50 and weighs 2.3kg – so watch that rack weight limit.