Givi Remove X is a simple soft bag support that doesn't ruin your bike's looks

Givi’s new Remove X saddlebag support offers a quick, aesthetic way to turn your sportsbike to a sort of tourer, and back again.

Givi Remove X on Aprilia, rear shot.

The Givi Remove X saddlebag stabiliser support will give you the option to give your bike the carrying capacity of a tourer with maximum stability. 

Givi’s idea for the Remove X was to make a soft bag support that stabilises the saddlebags while riding, so they do not catch on the exhaust or rear wheel or tyre. Additionally, Remove X was designed for simple removal of the support, and to avoid compromising the bike’s aesthetics when it is attached.

In a press release, Givi says, “Remove X is the new GIVI soft bag attachment system that was created with the mission of stabilising the position of the saddlebags on the motorcycle, with the particular feature that they can be almost completely unhooked from the vehicle with the simple movement of a lever. This leaves only a small anchored support that will go unnoticed and that will allow the rider to show off the original profile of their motorcycle.”

Givi continue, saying, “The Remove X system is made up of a small support that remains on the motorcycle and two bars (where the saddlebags are secured through the use of straps), with the ability to remove and reposition the luggage using a lever,” with the target consumer of the Remove X being those riders looking for solutions allowing them to carry light loads, but on an occasional basis.

This is why the Remove X has been designed with the ease of removal of the structure from the bike in mind. When taking the Remove X off your bike, all that remains attached to the machine is the small, black attachment system.

It is important to note that the Remove X has different, specific, designs for different bike models, so make sure before you buy to check out precisely which version of the Remove X is suitable to your bike. You can do that here.

However, the choice of saddlebag is entirely open, although Givi recommend using bags which are aesthetically appropriate for your bike.