Givi Maxia 5: Fifth generation touring top box with 58 litre capacity

The fifth generation of the Givi Maxia, the Givi Maxia 5, has been launched as part of the Italian brand's 2023 collection.

Givi Maxia 5

The Givi Maxia 5, the fifth generation of the Maxia top box, has been announced by the Italian motorcycle accessory brand. 

The Givi Maxia is a well-established top box model focused on the touring motorcycle segment by now, as it enters its fifth generation.

For 2023, Givi has announced the Maxia 5, which is the fifth generation of this top box which debuted in 1991.

Aimed primarily at longer-distance rides, and more generally speaking the touring segment, the Givi Maxia 5 offers 58 litres of storage capacity, which Givi says is the equivalent of two modular (or flip-up) helmets, in a box which weighs 5.4kg. Inside, there is a mat on the bottom of the case in order to stop the items within it from sliding during a ride.

Compared to the previous generation Maxia, the Maxia 5 has been structurally strengthened, and the ergonomics of opening and closing the box have been improved thanks to new hinges.

Further, the box has a security lock, and Givi says that the anti-theft capabilities of the Maxia 5 are improved with improvements to the “adhesion between [the] lid and bottom [of the box].”

Optional add-ons for the Givi Maxia 5 include an inner bag, a document holder, and a black foam backrest. 

The Givi Maxia 5 will be made available later this month (April 2023), and will be priced at £355.83 (excluding VAT).

See Givi’s full 2023 range on the Givi website.

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