Galfer announce Cubiq performance brake discs

The new Cubiq brake discs from Galfer use hexagon shapes to help dissipate heat and improve braking performance

Galfer Cubiq Brake Discs

WITH modern performance nakeds and sports bikes making ever-increasing levels of power and torque, eking extra performance from an already bulging engine is becoming less and less of an issue for fast road and track riders.

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For many, the biggest gains to be made are during the deceleration phase and corner entry, precisely where the new Galfer Cubiq brake discs are claimed to make massive gains.

The hexagon design of the discs is based on the crystalline structure of steel molecules and means each hole has a larger internal surface area. The larger the surface area means the more air can pass over the hole. This larger surface area should greatly increase heat dissipation which in turn should help to maintain a consistent feel at the lever.

The design of the new Galfer Cubiq brake discs also allows the weight of the brake disc to be reduced significantly, with Galfer claiming that there is no reduction in braking performance. The reduced unsprung mass should also improve the agility and motorcycle manoeuvrability that’s to a reduced gyroscopic effect.

Galfer Cubiq Brake discs

The new discs first broke cover at the EICMA show in 2019, although now they have been officially tested and validated. The products is now added to the firm's range and have their own catalogue – available here.

The new stoppers are available for a range of sports motorcycle brands in the market, including Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Yamaha, KTM, and Triumph, as well as for most of the customisable V-Twin models of Harley Davidson, Indian Motorcycles and Victory.

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