Forcite announces MK1S smart helmet will come to UK in September

The Australian helmet manufacturer Forcite has announced that their MK1S smart helmet will be arriving in the UK in September.

Forcite MK1S

Forcite has announced that their MK1S smart helmet will be coming to the UK in September. 

Forcite claims their MK1S product, which weighs only 1.5kg is the most advanced helmet they have ever created, and it has been on the Australian market for a while now. 

Now, it will be coming to the UK in September, although an exact date remains to be confirmed.

“Where others use clumsy clip-ons to shoehorn tech into their helmets,” said Alfred Boyadgis, co-founder and CEO of Forcite, “we’ve honed every part of the Forcite MK1S to create the next generation of smart helmet.

“We captured thousands of points of on-road feedback sent in by Forcite Founder and Forcite MK1 riders. Our design engineers used this info to craft more luxurious padding, high-end audio and to improve camera quality in the new Forcite MK1S.

“Our rider alert system and peripheral LED display is even more dialled into real time road conditions, helping riders keep themselves safe. These are the most advanced Forcite helmets we’ve ever created. British Motorcyclists are going to love them.”

Boyadgis had been injured in a motorcycle accident, which inspired him to try to create an innovation in helmet design. The original Forcite MK1 was the result, and now that has been developed and refined to create the MK1S. 

The MK1S makes use of a “reimagined,” according to Forcite, system of road alerts via the helmet’s peripheral LED display. This includes navigation, speed limits and cameras, mobile camera alerts, and live traffic condition updates. To take advantage of these alerts, the user needs to connect the helmet to the Forcite app.

The MK1S also makes use of Harman Kardon audio. Forcite says: “While other audio equipment is often left to the rider to install, the redesigned comfort fit speaker cavity offers riders an unparalleled on-bike audio experience in a seamless design. 

“The speaker system is paired with omni-directional dual microphones tuned for vocal clarity and wind reduction for riders to take calls and voice over video.”

There is also an action camera that shoots in 1080p between 30 and 60fps and encodes in H.264, which is ideal for uploading to YouTube.

The padding is also improved for the MK1S compared to the previous MK1. The 3D-formed foam is redesigned throughout the helmet, and an extendable chin curtain means there is the possibility for a tighter seal around the neck which should reduce wind noise. This is beneficial for hearing your motorcycle, as well as for hearing the helmet’s audio.

Furthermore, the visor features the Pinlock Max Vision 120, as well as a quick-release and locking switch for track use.

In the event of a crash, the user is able to send the MK1S back to Forcite to have the electronics checked and the shell replaced. Damaged electronics will be replaced at no extra cost, although the owner would have to pay for the replacement shell.

“The UK has one of the world’s greatest and oldest motorcycling cultures,” says Alfred Boyagdis. “Growing up back in Sydney I tried to take it all in: from watching the daring racers of the Isle of Man TT, to being inspired by some of the most beautiful motorcycle designs coming from the likes of Norton and Triumph. 

I am excited to see what British motorcyclists think of the Forcite MK1S, and just as Australian riders have helped us design the Forcite MK1S, I welcome British motorcyclists join our Forcite Facebook community to share how they think a smart helmet can be designed for UK roads, race tracks and trails”, says Boyadgis.

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