Dainese delights at Intermot 2019

With a new adventure touring range, new AGV lid and D-air garments for women!

Dainese delights at Intermot 2019

AFTER a ten year absence from the Cologne show, Dainese is back at Intemot with three exciting new ranges to show off to the public.

The first is Explorer, the new product line designed for on and off-road touring, offering high levels of technology, comfort and of course, safety.

Comprising a selection of different designs, the Explorer’s piece de resistance is without a doubt the Antartica jacket. Implementing the help of MIT (with whom Dainese is developing the gear for the astronauts of Mission to Mars 2030),  Dainese has paid special attention to the body’s movement, and mapped the ‘lines of non-extension’, in order to perfect the jacket’s fit and minimise weight.

Features such as the Fast-Fit lumbar band, which can be adjusted without having to undo the jacket ensures a close fit and maximises warmth. There’s also floating pockets, to present overfull pockets restricting movement, a storm collar, a 700 goose down fill removeable down inner jacket, and the exterior of the jacket features both Goretex and a new Trixior material with superior abrasion resistance.

Designed to be worn in the most extreme of Antarctic temperatures, the Antarctic jacket is an exciting new garment for riders venturing afar this winter. The jacket will cost £1299.95, and the trousers £749.95. Unfortunately, however, it is only available in men’s sizes 44 – 62 (although Dainese has hinted at a women’s version in the not too distant future).

Accompanying the Explorer range, Dainese has introduced the AGV AX9, a stylish, modular adventure and off-road helmet. This is a more comfortable and lighter version of the brand’s AX8, and features a Max Pinlock and a completely waterproof base of the lining, in order not to let water be absorbed into the helmet.

Finally, the Italian manufacturer has introduced the latest iteration of its D-air range. With more than 20 years of research and the analysis of over 1,500 deployments under its belt, Dainese is a leader in the safety protection, and for 2019 has introduced a two piece D-air suit, as well as a one piece suit specifically for women. Woo!

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