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Clear your head with these transparent BMW valve covers

Smart see-through covers let you watch your R1200's valves doing their thing

TOP MARKS to German BMW accessory firm Wunderlich. They've come up with these rather tasty clear plastic cylinder head covers for the air-cooled R1200 engine. A straight replacement for the stock parts, they fit the air-cooled four-valve flat twin R1200 range - so the 2010-12 GS, 2010-13 Adventure, 2011-2014 R and 2010-13 RT and, of course, the current RnineT models.

Dubbed the X-Ray covers (see what they did there??!!), they're made from 5mm thick 'technopolymer' plastic. Wunderlich claims they have a special coating that resists scratches and wear, and are suitable for use between -50°C and 180°C, so should cope with any temperatures you're likely to come across. They show the camchain, rockers, camshafts and valves, all bouncing up and down like billy-o, which will while away many a long hour at the pub, showing passers-by, no matter how reluctant they might seem.

They're not cheap, at €749, including new gaskets. And if you don't have them already, we'd be looking to fit some engine protection bars as well, to keep the clear plastic covers safer in a spill. More info here.


Having witnessed these types of covers on clutches and valves covers of other models... it's a lot of money for the equivalent of looking into your washing machine through the door. When running, lots of splashing fluids and churning bits.

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