BMW Launches Fit-for-All Comms System for Motorcyclists

German motorcycle manufacturer BMW announces a new ‘Fit-for-All’ communication system

BMW Fit-for-All comms system

The times of shouting to your bestie at traffic lights, or using frantic hand signals to communicate have long since gone with the introduction of Bluetooth headsets, but BMW has taken it to the next level.

Earlier this week BMW announced the launch of the new ‘Fit-for-All’ communication system. It’s designed for communication between rider and passenger - but can do much more. 

Now you’ve probably brought enough ‘universal’ products to know that ‘Fit-for-All’ doesn’t mean completely universal, and unfortunately, the BMW comms system doesn’t fit all lids, just most BMW ones (except Bowler). 

Like most comm devices the BMW system can be used to chat with the pillion, listen to tunes, make phone calls and, when paired with other Bluetooth devices, enables navigation instructions to be received. All the bells and whistles then, but if you’ve ever experienced a BMW TFT dash interface you’d expect nothing less. 

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The primary function of this comms system is to talk to your pillion passenger, who is likely going to be your spouse. But if you get bored with your other half, and hook up to the Fit-for-All BMW Bike-to-Bike communication module you can talk to up to six of your besties.

This function allows either group or private conversations with your pals. It sounds like an Xbox party or something… could get pretty hilarious. 

Normally the range of the system is about 300m but by forming a ‘party’ of riders in single file extends the range to just over a mile, as each rider acts as a relay. 

Bimmer says the system is easy and straightforward to use… has any BMW multimedia system been easy to use though? Regardless, it only has three buttons to control volume, on and off, and the configuration menu - so it should be coolio.

Also, the device is weatherproof and UV resistant. It will need a charge before use but that will give you 8 hours of conversation time. 

Sadly for you eager beavers there’s no exact release date for this top BMW tech, nor is there an exact RRP, but it’s probs going to be around $199 as some websites have the item in stock. 

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