Bike Care and cleaning | Motul External Care motorcycle range

Happy bike, happy life? The Motul External Care motorcycle cleaning range will have your steed looking its best

Motul External Care motorcycle range

UNLESS you’re one of those people that is into the ‘rat bike’ scene, then the chances are when you go out on your bike, you want it to be looking its best.

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And cleaning your bike is not just about making it look good, it also gets you up close and personal with parts of the bike you ordinarily wouldn’t look at. Helpful for diagnosing mechanical problems, leaks, or even cracks in the frame. It’s also a nice excuse to get out of the house, away from the kids, and out in the fresh air!

If you are serious about keeping your bike clean, you need some serious cleaning solution – Fairy Liquid need not apply. Bikes are made up of a myriad of different materials, and some of them require different methods to keep them looking good.

Created in 2011, MOTUL MC Care comprises 11 key cleaning products to keep the bike looking squeaky clean from handlebar to footrest leaving no part behind. The includes solutions for washing and waxing, removing scratches, and restoring leather and paint to their best. Easy to use, MC Care is a great compliment to workshops and makes a showroom finish easier than ever.

Motul External Care motorcycle range and prices

  • E1 Wash & Wax 400ml SRP: £10.49
  • E2 Moto Wash 1 SRP: £9.99
  • E3 Wheel Clean 400ml SRP: £7.99
  • E4 Perfect Seat 250ml SRP: £8.99
  • E5 Shine & Go 400ml SRP: £9.49
  • E6 Chrome & Alu Polish 100ml SRP: £7.99
  • E7 Insect Remover 400ml SRP: £5.99
  • E8 Scratch Remover 100g SRP: £5.49
  • E9 Wash & Wax Spray 400ml SRP: £9.99
  • E10 Shine & Go Spray 400ml SRP: £9.49
  • E11 Matte Surface Clean 400ml SRP: £9.99

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