Berigner to offer production 'scooter-style' rear brake lever

Scooter brakes have become more prominent in racing, and now you can buy one yourself.

Beringer scooter style rear brake lever.

BERINGER are set to introduce a consumer version of the ‘scooter-style’ rear brakes increasingly found on racing motorcycles.

The rear brake levers have been appearing on an increasing number of left-side handlebars across multiple racing paddocks in recent years, with riders looking to find increasingly small differences in decreasingly spread-out fields.

The scooter-style brake allows riders, like Pata Yamaha WorldSBK's Andrea Locatelli (pictured above), to use the rear brake at maximum lean angle on right-hand corners where the traditional, foot-operated rear brake is not able to be reached due to its proximity with the ground.

Additionally, the finger-operated brake can offer better control over the rear brake than the foot brake for those who are able to make the adaptation, which can be of benefit on the track throughout the corner - from entry, where the rear brake can be used to alter the balance of the bike and adjust the line in the corner, to exit, where it can be used to manage the wheelie.

Since riders usually only use the clutch off the start thanks to modern quickshifters, it is possible to raise the clutch lever to an awkward position and make space for the new rear brake lever where the clutch lever would previously have been located.

In Beringer’s production version, SoyMotero reports, the clutch lever will be raised by 20 degrees to make way for the rear brake lever. SoyMotero also says that the lever will be applicable to almost any sports bike and that, while it is only currently “compatible with the 12.7mm piston measurement, Beringer will include different diameters within its catalogue later.” The price of the lever is not yet published by Beringer.

Lead image courtesy of SoyMotero.