Is the Bault the ultimate in home motorcycle security?

The Bault underground motorbike vault could be the ultimate in home motorcycle protection


MOTORCYCLE security is always at the forefront of any biker’s mind. Be it physical security like locks and chains, trackers, or even motorcycle security sheds or lockers. This product that we recently spotted online though takes things to a whole new level.

Created by a firm called Bault @ SOS (Bault, as in, Bike Vault), it features an innovative rising container that stashes your bike away under the floor. It’s all very James Bond.

Developed by a father and son team, the project was drawn up between shifts working in the offshore industry, with the pair forming the company officially in March 2019. Shortly after this, the metal stock for the first version was ordered, machinery was sourced, and the workshop in Stockton-on-Tees was put to work.

From there the team has documented the build process of each of its products, videoing the construction and installation to help them iron out any problems and prevent future hold-ups. So far they have 26Gb of footage of daily logs to refer back to.

All told the system is rated to store bikes of up to 1000kg, and in one installation the team excavated 15-tonnes of dirt to make room for the vault.

As is the way with such large installations, a number of factors need to be taken into account. That means we couldn’t find any fixed price for the Bault system on the firm’s website. There is the option to request a quote though, so any interested parties should head here.

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