Airbag motorcycle trousers are now a thing, apparently.

The quest for motorcycle safety rolls on, and in 2021, airbag-equipped trouser might be the next big thing!

CX Air Dynamics

WITH everyone from track riders, Dakar racers, and even motorcycle couriers (yes they still exist!) wearing airbag protection, it’s fair to say that the tech is well and truly here to stay.

Even yours truly has an airbag-equipped RST V4.1 one-piece suite for when I’m wobbling around in the novice group at a track day. Now, I know that seems a waste – although I don’t actually ride in Novice! – but nevertheless, a crash is a crash, and if you want the ultimate in protection, you need to get inflated!

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But the thing is, airbag suits, jackets, and vests, only offer the upper body, neck, and shoulders any protection. The southern hemisphere of your fleshy planet is left free to tumble, flail and smash itself into pieces should you have an off.

Well, that could be a thing of the past, as a French firm, CX Air Dynamics has come up with a new motorcycle trouser that features airbag tech to protect your knees, thigh, and pelvis.

Granted, it’s not the most high-tech kit out there, preferring to use a tether to activate the system rather than complex algorithms like the big names in the field use. But being a bit more low-fi does make the kit cheaper, simpler, and possibly more robust.

There is one downside though, they aren’t the most attractive things to slide your legs into. And as we all have ‘that one mate’, there is a high probability of a ‘friend’ yanking your tether as your paying for fuel.

Still, if the crowdfunding for these takes off, it’d be interesting to see other manufacturers coming up with their own solutions for the existing kit in their ranges.

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