Airbag ejection seat concept turns biker into giant marshmallow

Would you use this?

MOTORCYCLE airbags have long been a subject of much debate.

Honda famously introduced dash airbags on its GL1800 Goldwing models, only to recall them a short time afterwards due to a potential component failure, which could propel shrapnel out through the bag.

Dainese and Alpinestars have both produced excellent wearable airbags, however both leave much of the legs exposed.

A start-up has now claimed to have designed the most comprehensive airbag system, which is housed in the motorcycle’s seat. The rider buckles themselves in as they climb aboard and in the case of an accident, the seat detaches from the motorcycle, and multiple airbags deploy to completely surround the rider.

The designers say that the idea is that “the airbag deploys only if the motorcycle is traveling at a certain speed and various motion sensors, gyroscopes detect a sudden deceleration, acceleration (if hit from behind) or loss of balance that would not be correctable by a human.”

They add that, “The belt system would secure the ejection seat to the rider and also secure the airbags wrapped around the rider. It would automatically unfasten in a crash that is not severe enough to warrant a system deployment (to allow the rider to jump off the bike) or if the rider tries to stand up from the bike while it is stopped.”

There have been mixed responses to the concept on social media.

One commenter joked: “Great idea if you're going on a camping trip! ... have a few beers before you go , find your pitch on the site, pull brakes hard ..... Tada !!! You're in bed.”

However, another thought it may help to facilitate motorcycle theft, stating: “Easier for thieves to hijack your cycle. Pull you off and you’re nothing more but a giant marshmallow whilst helplessly watching your bike being ridden away.”

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