The Zortrax 3D Printed Motorcycle

Printed Polish prototype unveiled

The Zortrax 3D Printed Motorcycle

POLISH MANUFACTURER of 3D printers - Zortrax - has unveiled the power of their products by designing and printing a motorcycle using their BIG M300 machine.

The middleweight bike is fully functioning and was based on a typical 600cc model. Taking around a month to complete. Parts such as all fairings, screen, lights, seat, tank casing and mirrors were created through the 3D printing technique.

Michal Mosiej, Plastic Processing Specialist at Zortrax, said: "At every stage we faced different challenges. The first was selecting a base model that our projected prototype would fit. Then, there was the complex 3D scanning process, which requires a tremendous amount of technical detail, to ensure we maintained the same dimensions as our scanned model. The most exciting part was the designing process and the assembly, keeping in mind that all our parts must fit perfectly."

Take a look at the promotional video below.