Zontes launches new D350 scooter in Europe

The Chinese manufacturer, Zontes, increases its European presence with the new D350 scooter, with 36 horsepower and independent ABS.

Zontes D350

Zontes has launched a new mid-capacity scooter, the D350, although it is currently unclear whether the model will come to the UK.

Currently, Zontes is marketing the D350 in Europe, in Spain for example, but in the UK it has not yet appeared. The Zontes scooter range in the UK currently has the ZT310-M and ZT125-M, and the brand also markets 350cc motorcycles such as the ZT350-T and ZT350GK.

Unsurprisingly, the Zontes D350 is powered by a 349cc single-cylinder engine with liquid cooling and Bosch fuel injection which produces a maximum of 36.2 horsepower and 38Nm. Fuel is fed to the engine from a fuel tank with a 12-litre capacity.

ABS is also a feature on the D350. It is independent at the two wheels, which both feature single discs: 268mm at the front with four-piston J.Juan radial calliper, and 265mm at the rear with hydraulically-operated Zontes calliper.

109.4mm of wheel travel is available at the front where the suspension comes in the form of 41mm telescopic forks. At the rear, dual shock absorbers provide 98mm of wheel travel. The wheels themselves are 15 inches in diameter at the front, and 14 inches at the rear.

As for the frame itself, Zontes has used a “high strength,” according to Zontes, steel frame.

Filling the aforementioned 12-litre fuel tank will add to a dry weight of 156kg, as will filling the 39 litres of storage capacity the D350 comes with as standard. As for options, hand guards and heated grips are available for €49.61 and €180.29, respectively. 

LED lighting is also standard, and the price for the base Zontes D350 is set at the oddly specific price of €4,787.

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