Zero's new Stealth Fighter

Electric bike maker's 2013 range goes all dark and handsome

ELECTRIC motorcycle manufacturer Zero Motorcycles has announced their updated range. 

New for 2013 and replacing the X off-roader is the Stealth Fighter FX. With the ZF5.7 battery pack, it's a 125 kg, knobbly-tyred motorcycle which promises to be a silent hoot with 70 lb-ft of torque and 44 bhp. 

Priced at a hefty £9,995 (two grand more than the ZF2.8 version with 27 bhp), it will be available at UK dealers from February 2013. Besides the torque figure, the Zero's running costs are attractive: each recharge, worth 70 miles of city riding, will cost just 74p, according to the manufacturer.

The rest of Zero's range - the DS dual sport, XU urban crosser, MX motocrosser and the S streetfighter - has also been restyled, with heavy-on-the-black colour schemes, and improved battery packs for more power and quicker charging. Prices range from £6,995 to £11,995. The limited-edition S-ZF9 (thirty bikes only) is £12,995.