Zero SR/F (2019) reveal and specs

Some specs and pictures form the Zero SR/F reveal

Zero SR/F (2019) reveal and specs

ZERO’S new SR/F is launching into a busy little market place, with established brands like Harley-Davidson, and about 100 new start-up business a week, proclaiming to rule the electric-bike roost - does the new machine from the segment leader cut the mustard?

Zero SR/F Review 2019

It seems it might! For a start, it’s a handsome beast, kind of reminiscent of the old Ducati Streetfighter, with added cooling fins and banana-shaped swingarm. The face of the bike’s had a muscular makeover too thanks to some trick looking LED multi-part headlight – that does the business as I had it shining in my face at the reveal earlier! But the aesthetics of the machine are only part of the story, as Zero’s tried hard to make this a revolution of the old models and less of an evolution.

The larger looking batteries now sit in a brand-new housing, that not only help carry the Li-Ion packs and keep them cool, but also forms part of the bike's frame as a stressed member.

The motor is also a completely new design, featuring bigger internal and external dimensions that allow longer, more powerful magnets to be used. Boosting power, torque, and range considerably over the old model. The motor is also mounted with the output shaft on the swingarm pivot point, improving the back end feel and no doubt the belt’s life-span.

Keeping ahead of the electric motorcycle pack is no mean feat, it’s a tech industry after all, and competitors are always looking to steal a march on the crowd. To try and keep their noses ahead Zero have created the SR/F with complete cloud compatibility. Meaning where ever you are you can monitor the wellbeing of your bike, how much it has charged, its location and whether some scally is trying to bump start it for a razz across the local football pitch.

We’re going to be having a chat with some of Zero’s engineers this evening and will be bringing you the full specs and everything you need to know later – but for now, here’s a taster!

Price£17,990 - £19,990
Power tank (6kW)£2,640
Top speed200kph (125mph)
UK wall outlet adapter£445
Range (with power tank)320km (198m)
Range in city259km (160m)
Peak torque190Nm (140ft-lb)
Optimal charge time60-mins
Seat height787mm
Warranty5-years (unlimted miles)