Zero Motorcycles charges on with trademarks teasing two new models

Fresh from the launch of the new SR/S electric sportsbike, Zero Motorcycles registers two new naming trademarks to hint at new machinery on the way

Zero SR/S
Zero SR/S

It appears Zero Motorcycles is preparing to do quite the opposite of its meagre moniker after two new trademarks were spotted to suggest a pair of new models are on the way in the not too distant future…

Of course, the ‘Zero’ branding is attributed to its electric, exhaust-emissions free powertrains with the American start-up doing a fine job in recent years of establishing itself as a forerunner of the electric movement, even if it remains a very small portion of a hesitant-to-embrace motorcycle market.

Nonetheless, while nearly all mainstream manufacturers are still getting their heads around how they will approach the next generation in electric offerings – with the first attempts seemingly still years away – Zero remains on a model offensive to broaden its range.

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In all, Zero Motorcycles already offers nine models from the Supermoto FXS, the naked SR/F and the more go-anywhere DSR. Most recently it has introduced its first fully-faired sportsbike, the SR/S, which boasts 124mph, 140ft-Ib peak torque and between 160 and 200 miles of range on an 80 minute optimum charge.

Nonetheless, Zero is refusing to rest on its laurels and has already booked in two new names with the US Patent Office - the FXE and DSR/X.

From the SR to the DSR, we can hazard a guess that the DSR/X will represent a more hardcore, adventurous ‘motocross’ style take on the pre-existing platform.

The FXE will inevitably bolster Zero’s Supermoto line-up, though what the extra letter represents isn’t clear since we’re assuming it doesn’t stand for ‘electric’. Either way, it should strengthen what is already a competitive and increasingly electrified market space occupied by KTM, Husqvarna and Honda.

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