Zef Eisenberg announces limited run V8 3 litre 480hp motorcycle

Self-confessed speed freak, Zef Eisenberg has confirmed he will build customers versions of his custom-built V8 powered motorcycle

Eisenberg V8

SPEED FREAK and multiple record holder, Zef Eisenberg, has confirmed he will be offering some lucky punters the chance to own versions of his V8 powered motorcycle.

If you’ve ever seen a V8 powered motorcycle before, you’ll probably be quite surprised by how compact and ‘normal’ Eisenberg’s machine looks. Compared to machines like the American V8 powered Boss Hoss machines, Zef’s record breaker looks positively sporty!

One of the key elements to the machine is the engine, based around two Suzuki Hayabusa blocks, the engine is mated together with a flatplane crank giving it 480hp potential – nearer 500 if the machine is topped up with high octane fuel!

While most bikes pushing power numbers as high as this are helped along with some form of forced induction, the Eisenberg’s flatplane set up and three litre capacity means it breaths through a set of high performance Jenvey throttle bodies.

On his website, Zef talks about why he went down the route of building an engine from scratch and not employing a car-derived V8:

“They [car V8s] are also much heavier and bulky by design due to a heavy balance shaft. True lightweight race-bred V8’s generally have a flatplane crankshaft, which gives perfectly even exhaust pulses – like a Ferrari V8. Flatplane V8’s can rev much higher and easier (often double that of your typical burbly Chevy V8), meaning more HP from less cc (torque x rpm)/5252 = HP. Flatplane V8’s don’t burble, they scream, like an F1 car or Ferrari (also flatplane V8).

“A flatplane V8 is a more freely revving engine which is lighter, smaller and better primary balanced. But we didn’t stop there. To make it sound really great, the bike is fitted with eight independent fly by wire, throttle bodies with tuned trumpet lengths to give the best possible airflow and throttle response, which is essential for a highly responsive motorbike.”

As you’d expect from a machine with a potential top speed of 225mph, The Eisenberg V8 has seriously heavy-duty chassis components. Up front is a set of six-pot calipers with a four-pot unit helping to slow the rear wheel.

If you’d like more information on the Eisenberg V8 – or to place an order – head to: eisenbergracing.com

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