Yamaha XSR125 on way to tackle Honda CB125R for neo-retro crown

The Yamaha XSR125 is on its way to bring some retro flair to Yamaha's entry-level range and offer some stiff opposition to the Honda CB125R

Yamaha XSR155

It’s one of the fastest growing segments of the motorcycle market and now the neo-retro roadster class is about to get a significant new entrant after documents revealed the Yamaha XSR125 is heading for European shores.

While Yamaha is well established in the pint-sized class with its MT-125 naked and faired R125 sportsbike, it has so far allowed arch rival Honda soak up the sales in the neo-retro corner with its popular CB125R.

This is despite Yamaha having a neo-retro XSR line-up to call upon in the 700 and 900 engine bracket further up the chain.

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However, this is about to change as Yamaha, after testing the waters with the XSR155 in Asia, is adapting it to use its venerable 125cc engine to create the Yamaha XSR125.

The confirmation has come in the form of a type-approval document found in the deepest depths of the internet, which reveal performance details and measurements.

Under the skin there are few surprises to be had with the single-cylinder 125cc engine set to produce around 15bhp at a peak of 10,000rpm, while the chassis will also be familiar to anyone who has thrown a leg over the MT-125 or R125.

This will put it directly on a par with the CB125R, though while the Honda definitely errs towards the ‘neo’ side of the scale, the XSR125 - assuming it mirrors the XSR155 - will offer a more authentic ‘retro’ look in line with the larger 700 and 900 models.

With prices still to be announced, Yamaha will have more than simply Honda set firmly in its sights with a raft of good value alternatives proving popular with buyers at the moment, including the Herald Cafe 125 and the FB Mondial HPS 125.

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